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somebody. not naming any names. told carl something rather stupid. And whoever told them obviously didnt understand the full situation of it. And they obviously dont know how carls mind works. And they have potentially distroyed my relationship with my best friend forever. so fuck you you fucking retard slut.

dont spread bullshit you dont understand.

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These are undisputedly the most beautiful lyrics and song I have ever heard. I have been playing it over and over and I just want it to stay in my mind, hopefully no one feels like this when I'm gone.

fuck I'm dumb. I haven't done what they told me because it was impossible and now I am a mess and its like 3.42 in the morning and I feel dead. and hollow.

I wanna cut my hair off. or my head off.

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These boots were made for stomping.

      I am free!

bloodlust was fun fun. I am so glad to be free from horrid hall ward, poor emily is still in there : (

I am going to make these next few days a blast to make up for lost time. I missed everyone when I was there.

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             I love hanging out with the creepy anorexics. They make me feel like a whale.


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